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About us

The Beggars are the kind of band you’d bring home to your mother … so long as your mama loves rad guitar solos, stylish dudes and having a great time!​










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Mediocre Thunderous”
             “An above average soul singer   in metaphoric shiny red spandex pants. Also, Nick Rivers.”
“What is rock ’n’ roll? I could try  to explain, but suffice to say it starts with Leather Tuscadero.“
Tasteful licks, pleasant demeanor.”

“We wanted to be a harmless, joyful, thrill; and to remind people to have fun,” says Steven Tuthill, Beggars lead singer since the band’s formation in 2003, the year of the storied Northeast Blackout when Detroit was left lightless and steaming in summer sweat for nearly a week. The Beggars arose from the dark like a shiny, new Twisted Sister lighter and the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic states have never been the same since. “For some reason in the 21st century, smiling on stage seems edgy ‘n’ tuff.” 

The four-man band plays good time rock ‘n’ roll, recommended for ages 8-88. Among the members’ influences include Elvis, James Brown, Van Halen, AC/DC, the Kinks, KISS and ’60s Frat Rock, with a bit of psychedelic-infused intrigue. Check out their greatest hit, “Your Love Will Rot My Brain” and you’ll get an idea for the rock fury they unfurl ever so politely. 

The Beggars have had their fair share of memorable moments over the years, from getting booed off stage at a homecoming dance, to Steven splitting his tuxedo pants while onstage at The Metrotimes Best of Party, to getting cut off after two songs at one of Detroit’s fabled Whitney Restaurant’s famous garden parties. Touring the U.S.A. from coast to coast, the band has played on a multitude of terrains (literally, some uneven, some cemented, some flooded, etc.) and even played a roller derby convention in Las Vegas. ¡Viva!

The Beggars are able and down to play any gig. At anytime of day or night, cause “rock don’t wear a watch.” From dives, festivals, sports bars, venues, parties, weddings, bachelorette parties, party buses, lakes, boats, frats, beaches, building tops, basements, attics, parks, graduation parties and, last but not least and certainly not limited to, reunions.

The Beggars play original music but have an arsenal of memorable covers, and songs you forgot you love. The dudes have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Supersuckers, Mega Colossus, The Muggs, Steel Panther, Sebastian Bach, Twistin’ Tarantulas, Sponge, Electric Six, Rhythm Corp, Detroit Cobras and the Romantics, along with many other killer rock bands. 


Perhaps you’ve caught them on Fox 2 Morning News, Cave Radio, WDET or at Detroit Red Wings games. If not, you should catch them soon because without a doubt, they’re on their way to ROCK YOUR WAY any night now (and some mornings and afternoons as well, scheduled with anticipation, of course).  

Current members

Mike “Latcha Comin’ Atcha” Latcha - guitar // Jim Faulker - drums // 

Pookie Grech - bass // Steven Tuthill - vocals

Former members, extended family and associated acts

Jonny Wilkins, Keith Thompson, Jon Epstein, Joe Senac, Jim Hansard, Rod "Pool Party" Jones, Jeremy Cybulski, Marco Delacato, Chris Krez, John Weier, Adam Cox, Goober and the Peas, AwesomeR, The Honorable Mentions, Electric Lions Sound Wave Experiment, Glass Orphans, The Blueflowers, The Gas Hounds, The Happy Accidents, Freer, Davila, Kommander, Collosus and Mega Collosus. 

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